Automatically populating ticket fields using Machine Learning

  • 1.  Automatically populating ticket fields using Machine Learning

    Posted 09-17-2019 06:30
    Hello Community,
    We are working hard an on exciting feature that uses Machine Learning to populate the attributes of a ticket. The goal is to save analysts time and eliminate tickets that are sitting unassigned. The feature will use your ticket history to set empty fields in a ticket based on the description of that ticket.

    We have some questions that we need your feedback on.

    Which channels should this machine learning process run against? Inbound Email, Scratchpad, Web Services, generic end-user ticket creation, generic analyst ticket creation.

    What fields of a ticket should be auto-populated using machine learning? CCTI/Categorization, priority, Assigned to Group, Assigned to Priority, Catalog item/Ticket Template. What else?

    We are very interested in your input to help shape this time saving feature.

    Richard Graves