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What is the ideia behind a Sub-Change?

  • 1.  What is the ideia behind a Sub-Change?

    Posted 11-11-2019 14:56
    After long time spent on wiki and forum looking for some  clarifying information about the concept of use for Sub-changes I just give up and crying for help.
    Anybody knows what kind situation would be a good practice to use Sub-changes? Why just not use 500s instead???
    Thanks guys.

    Fernando Luiz Silva
    Boa Vista Servicos
    São Paulo
    55 11 4734-3038

  • 2.  RE: What is the ideia behind a Sub-Change?

    Posted 11-18-2019 16:33
    Hello Fernando,

    When you mention 'Sub-Change', with feature you are talking about?

    Today we have 5 types of tickets, described below. I really don't know anything about 'Sub-Change'.Can you clarify sending a screenshot or something like that, please?

    • Service Request: A Service Request is used to log and manage standard requests for information or access to systems and services. Service requests are handled using service request fulfillment workflow processes and is monitored for SLA compliance. For example, an end user seeks information about how to set up and configure work emails for mobile devices.
    • Incident Ticket: An Incident Ticket is used to report and manage issues such as a disruption, unavailability, reduction in the quality of a system or service. The Incident tickets are handled using incident management workflow processes. The response and resolution of these tickets is monitored for SLA compliance. For example, a request is logged when the end user is unable to send or receive emails from the cellphone. This service is typically available to the requester; and the service has been disrupted. Identify the cause of service disruption, restore the service quickly, and communicate with the requester about the resolution.
    • Problem Ticket: A Problem Ticket is used to investigate, resolve, or mitigate major issues affecting many users. The problem tickets are handled using problem management workflow processes. Generally, root-cause analysis and resolution take time; and these tickets could or could not be monitored for SLA compliance.
    • Change Request: A Change Request is used to log and manage a request for change to the IT Infrastructure or services. Some changes could affect only the requester (or a small group of users); while others affect many users. All change requests go through a change approval process. Based on the nature of the change, the approval process varies and is handled using the change management workflow processes. A change request could be monitored for SLA compliance. The time that is required to respond and resolve a change is based on factors such as getting an approval.
    • Task Ticket: Tasks Tickets are used to track and manage smaller units of work toward the completion of another ticket. A Task ticket is logged as a child to another ticket. A Task Ticket is usually a Change or a Problem ticket. Each task can be handled either at a time by different people; or in a set sequence.

    Ricardo Andrade
    IT Coordinator