Deleting old service catalog items

  • 1.  Deleting old service catalog items

    Posted 11-26-2019 08:02
    Before logging this with support I thought I'll ask the community to see if anyone has a trick that I can steal :)

    I've got some old Service Catalog Items that aren't used anymore, I'd like to delete them to tidy up the environment but I get an error:

    "Service Catalog Item cannot be deleted, as there are some Tickets/child Category/Workflow/Auto-assign-action records exists for Service Catalog Item"

    I've done checks on most of the above so believe the issue is that the item has been used at some point in the last few years for a ticket.

    Is there a simple way I can confirm that? Follow-on question how can I break that link to delete the item?

    David Shears
    Analyst Programmer
    MNI Services