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Service Catalog Improvement

  • 1.  Service Catalog Improvement

    Posted 07-08-2020 13:17
    Edited by Rafael Amarins 08-06-2020 15:33
    This is my first post in the community.

    When it comes to Service Catalog the segregation of viewers via Groups or Roles does not suffice to pick the right item.
    The Categories dropdown list of the Service Catalog is not very intuitive for the average user.
    The whole variety of items available to the customer specially to someone who is not an IT user on a daily basis (lets agree that most of the requesters are not IT guys) is overwhelming or even for IT users still a "visual" navigation would provide a much better experience. This is available on other ITSM tools even in very simple ones and is much missed by my teammates.
    In other terms there should be at least one "level" of service catalog above underlying the main Service Catalog page through which the user should navigate.
    If there is no workaround for this then the Categories box should somehow be much more evident.

    I'd appreciate any feedback


    Rafael Amarins
    São Paulo

  • 2.  RE: Service Catalog Improvement

    Posted 07-10-2020 09:54
    Hi Rafael Amarins,

    Thanks for the suggestion, we are planning to enhance the user experience to handle this Request Catalog, initially as suggested we are planning a quick workaround using the Hierarchical selection approach simply to narrow down the selection to pick the right catalog and add show the additional information required for the catalog to submit the request, We can have as much as 5 levels of Hierarchy compared to the existing Catalog. The questions can be configurable based on the Organization hierarchy, to begin with, and later we can have the option to have icons to the above dropdown selection

    Internally we are looking at these suggestions too and plan to make them available as an enhancement later.

    Sample screenshot of the planned feature
    Sample Screenshot of the planned Request Catalog

    Prasanna Nagaraj

  • 3.  RE: Service Catalog Improvement

    Posted 07-29-2020 09:52

    Hi Prasanna
    Thanks for the update.  I have noticed the above mentioned feature is already in production and fully functional. Although the Request Catalog is already functional a more interesting idea would be having this applied to a visual experience on the main Service Catalog.
    The concept of a multi-level/hierarchical Service Catalog is in line with what the customers usually ask except they don't think about a separated set of  dropdown boxes combined instead they think this should be applied to a unified Service Catalog. An analogy would be a Smartphone. On a Smartphone we navigate visually from on set of icons to the next one with more visual items/icons to choose from.

    The reason I believe this would be a significant improvement is that when it comes to the Requester experience I always consider a worst case scenario, meaning the End User has a very low level of familiarity with IT in general. This is why I believe a more visual experience is a more updated approach.

    Thank you,

    Rafael Amarins
    Major Business Solutions - CREA/SP
    São Paulo - Brazil