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Serviceaide Luma KMS 1.10 Release for all Data Centers

  • 1.  Serviceaide Luma KMS 1.10 Release for all Data Centers

    Posted 06-25-2021 05:02

    Dear Serviceaide Luma KMS User,

    This is to notify you of the upcoming Serviceaide Luma upgrade. This release is a maintenance release that includes only defect fixes. The release will be deployed first in Staging and then in Production. If you find any issues during your testing in Staging please promptly report them to the support team.

    Local Start
    Local Finish
    Lumastar 60 Minutes 30-Jun-2021 09:30 PM PDT 30-Jun-2021 10:30 PM PDT 10-15 mins Downtime 
    LumaPro 60 Minutes 04-Jul-2021 10:30 PM PDT 04-Jul-2021 11:30 PM PDT 10-15 mins Downtime 

    The key features in this release are as follows with additional detail available in the Release Notes

    Configure Knowledge Templates You can now configure organization-specific template in Luma Knowledge to enable Curators to upload documents and create Artifact. With the new 'Template' UI, you can create Templates with customized Artifact fields and type of information that can be held in each field. This enables system to create readable Artifacts from already available Knowledge in your organization specific format.
    For more information refer, Configure Knowledge Template

    Improvements in Knowledge Graph

    Following improvements are part of the release:
    You can now create multiple topic nodes with same name under a domain. The topics with duplicate names can be created under different levels and parent topic.
    You can now update the Domain and Topic node names in Knowledge Graph. The updated name is also reflected in the associated Artifacts.
    For more information refer Knowledge Graph.
    Knowledge Search Improvement New updates in Knowledge search to present the most relevant Artifacts to the end-user. Luma Knowledge now uses the Topic identified from the search query to find Artifacts with matching Topic and Subject metadata.
    Artifact Ontology Following are improvements to Ontology generation process:
    - In addition to the Summary field, Luma Knowledge now uses Artifact name to extract Ontology. On updating artifact name, ontology is regenerated.
    - System now generates cleaner metadata that is more readable and meaningful. Phrases with only a single character/number or special character are ignored and not added to the Artifact Ontology.
    New Tenant Configuration Parameters New Tenant Configuration parameters are now available for improved Document Bulk Import process.

    For more detail on this release, including a list of bug fixes and known issues, please review the following resources:

    If you have any questions about the contents of the release and the upgrade procedure please contact theServiceaide Support team. If you have team members that did not receive this notification, please add them to the notification system at our Serviceaide Emergency Maintenance Notification Self Registration Portal

    We look forward to sharing this release with you. 


    Serviceaide Team