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Closed Tickets and REST API

  • 1.  Closed Tickets and REST API

    Posted 10-22-2021 12:13

    I've been building an integration between ISM and a chatbot we already have in my company. One of these operations is to retrieve status of a ticket. I've been using successfully the endpoint: eq '<#ticket>')

    My problem is that my enviroment is configured to autoclose tickets in 48h after they were resolved. That means ticket status is changed from resolved to closed within 48h and this REST API can't retrieve information out of a closed ticket. Everytime I try to use a ticket number that is already closed I get this response:


    That is the same response as if I try to search for an invalid ticket number, therefor I can't say if a ticket is already closed or if I'm seraching for something that doesn't exists.

    Is there any solution for that issue?


    Leonardo Blay
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