• 1.  Bulk Process Data

    Posted 09-08-2020 18:18
    Improve functionality of BULK PROCESS DATA:

    1. Allowing the download of the template with the information and fields that are necessary to allow an update, for example, if I want to update the users, allow me to download them and only update the necessary fields. This would ensure that data updates are more secure and there is less risk of upload inconsistencies

    2. Allow the mapping of new fields that are being incorporated into the model, if they do not exist, allow them to be added and to do the corresponding mapping. Add all the most important fields associated with the requester or requested for, such as: Department, Contact Time, Language. I mean, allow the loading of all possible fields, as these are visibles. Only with the table users when the user is view for Tools > Users Tab Basic and Details there are more than 40 fields possible to update manually, but in the mapping in the bulk load template, it is only possible to update 28. That limits the manageability.